More Than Just a Pretty Piece of Glass

--- Most of the glass light fixtures available at Light Spot are ‘mouth blown’ meaning each piece of glass is individually blown by master blowers with skills that have been passed down for centuries though Murano/Venetian glass companies.

--- Wooden or metal molds are used to standardize glass pieces in order to consistantly obtain the correct shape & size.

--- Thickness of the glass is controlled by the maestro (master blower). The colors, textures, glass compilations & other special techniques are highly guarded secrects held within each individual family or factory.

--- Many pieces require multiple master blowers to work on them at the same time due to size, weight or complexity.

--- Quite often the finish work (sawing, sanding, etc.) requires as much expertise as blowing the glass, especially when intricate facets or cuts are made.

--- For every single perfect piece of glass, it is possible that several pieces get discarded due to imperfections or breakage.